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The Watch

Short intro paragraph to setup the case study at hand. Nothing too long and blabby. It can really just be a line or two. Perhaps, include things like who the client is, where they are from, anything like that to give context.

The Brief

This is where you will concisely detail why they came to you, what they needed done and anything else that pertains the the project brief. Anything that might be insightful.

Plan of Attack

This is where you will detail what you did and how. Include all insights that would sell your abilities from the concept, to the execution.

The Result

And here we get to show the final outcome of the work done. This can be an image gallery or  or a video player. However you can best provide this final deliverable.

Lexus Deeply Crafted
Fox & Wizard | 2020 Reel
Lexus Electrified - NX450h+
Fox & Wizard | The Watch | 2021 Reel


+44 786 225 4136
London, United Kingdom

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VFX Supervisor
+27 81 434 0056
Cape Town, South Africa

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