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Elevating "The Gilded Age"

Join us in revisiting some of the remarkable work Fox & Wizard contributed to Season 1 of "The Gilded Age," HBO's beloved series. We delivered over three hundred shots, including cleanups, building renewals, street extensions, continuity fixes, and split-screen enhancements, under the guidance of VFX Producer Leah Orsini and VFX Supervisor Douglas Purver.

Season 1 garnered an impressive "Fresh" rating of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it proudly clinched an Emmy award for its exceptional production design, faithfully recreating the late 19th-century ambience of New York City.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality work and keeping close collaboration with the HBO VFX team opened the doors to "The Gilded Age" Season 2. Set to grace the autumn TV schedule of 2023, this period drama transports viewers to the enigmatic world of 1880s New York City, under the creative direction of Julian Fellowes, the mastermind behind "Downton Abbey."

Don't miss the Gilded Age resurgence! Tune in on Sky Atlantic, NOW, HBO, or HBO Max and witness our continued contributions to this captivating historical drama.


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