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Exploring the Wonders of Science: Fox & Wizard's Journey on "Hey You What If" Season 2

Leap into the imaginative world of "Hey You What If" Season 2, a delightful show produced by world-renowned producer Jasper James at Screen Glue for CBBC.

At Fox & Wizard, we were overjoyed to be part of this enchanting adventure, using our expertise in visual effects to help explain the fascinating science behind each episode.

Throughout "Hey You What If" Season 2, our team at Fox & Wizard crafted a variety of captivating visual effects sequences that brought the wonders of science to life. Employing techniques of compositing and 3D animation, we artfully integrated our VFX work with the live-action elements, adding an extra layer of magic to the show. From illustrating intricate scientific concepts to creating fantastical moments, each visual effects sequence played a vital role in enhancing the show's educational and imaginative journey for young viewers.

Collaborating closely with Jasper James and the talented team at Screen Glue, we embraced the show's spirit of boundless creativity, crafting visuals that not only entertained but also inspired young minds. As creators of visual enchantment, we take immense pride in our role on "Hey You What If" Season 2 and are dedicated to continuing our journey of sparking curiosity and wonder through the power of VFX.

Explore the fun-tastical world of "Hey You What If" Season 2 on the BBC iPLAYER, and witness the enchanting visual effects that bring science to life in extraordinary ways.

The Fox & Wizard episodes are:

3. We got Rid of Bugs

4. You Needed Two of You

13. You Were the Last Person on Earth

14. You Built a Giant Sandcastle

15. You Shrunk the Earth

17. You Flew Like a Superhero


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