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Terry Pratchett's THE WATCH

VFX Supervisor and Creative Director at Fox & Wizard, Jonathan Alenskas, acted as the onset VFX Supervisor for BBC America's 'THE WATCH' based on Sir Terry Pratchett's works by the same name.

With a world full of wizards, magical inventions, spells, dragons and other almost unimaginable things, there was plenty to do!! Jonathan was involved from preproduction working closely with the Directors and the Core Production team alongside VFX Producer Angie Wills and VFX Supervisor Richard Reed from Lola Post.

Jonathan's small and efficient vfx ninja team collected over 12 TB of data from shoot, neatly organised and prepared for the VFX artist at Lola Post and Realtime UK. Besides the regular shiny balls, data sheets, witness cams and DSLR photography we shot our own plates in many cases utilising our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and also did extensive texture and photogrammetry shoots. Almost every VFX trick and methodology in the book was leveraged and cleverly implemented during the making of this show.

It just kept getting better - Fox & Wizard were offered some post work on the show. We instantly accepted and spent a couple of months producing close on 70 visual effects shots. We are very proud to have been so involved with THE WATCH and thank everyone involved for the truly wonderful experience.


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